Butter Chicken Pot Pie with Naan Crust

It never fails– when there’s snow on the ground and a grumbling in my stomach, I always crave comfort food in the form of Chicken Pot Pie.

Juicy chicken, tender vegetables, and creamy sauce all nestled beneath crisp, golden crust; that’s my idea of cold weather consolation.  Everything about Chicken Pot Pie screams “All-American classic”… but does it have to?  What if we got crazy and creative with it?

Butter Chicken Pot Pie with Naan Crust.  An Indian spin on an All-American classic!  | hostthetoast.com

I decided to indulge my curiosity (and my love of Indian food) by making a Butter Chicken Pot Pie with Naan Crust and, you guys, I’m telling you: IT. WAS. SO. GOOD.  I’m talking the Go get these ingredients and try it out now kind of good.  The How on Earth did I not think of this sooner? kind of good.


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Italian Stuffed Sweet Pepper Poppers

There’s no shortage of spiciness in my recipes.  I usually like my foods to have one heck of a kick, but many of my friends and family members can’t handle the heat as well.  Recipes including jalapeños are a no-go when I know I’ll be having certain people over for dinner, which takes a lot of my favorite appetizers off the table.

Italian Stuffed Sweet Pepper Poppers. A tasty alternative to jalapeno poppers for people who like less heat.  These vibrant pepper poppers are loaded up with ham, salami, and sharp provolone sauce. YUM! | hostthetoast.com

So what do I do when picante is not a possibility?  Swap out jalapeños for mini sweet peppers and think Italian!


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Meatball Sliders with Pepperoni-Asiago Buns

Good things come in small packages.  Case and point: Juicy meatballs blanketed in tomato sauce and melted mozzarella, all rested between mini pepperoni and asiago sprinkled buns.

Meatball Sliders with Pepperoni-Asiago Buns.  These mini meatball subs are packed with flavor and perfect for parties!  | hostthetoast.com

When you can fit something so mouth-watering in the palm of your hand, you can’t help but crave it for dinner.  Or lunch.  Or post-lunch-pre-dinner snack.  Or in the middle of the night.  Or as part of a party platter.  Meatball Sliders know no bounds.


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Sugar Stenciled Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cake

I was all set to make a flourless torte for James.  I had the ingredients all measured out, I had my pan sprayed, and for once, I was feeling pretty confident that I would get a sweet recipe right the first time around.

“Are you making cake?” James asked, wide-eyed and obviously excited.

“Well, yes, technically.  A flourless torte.  It’s denser than regular cake.”

“Oh, I usually like cakier cakes, but I’m sure that will be good,” he replied.  Aaaaaaaaalright then.  I guess I’m making a cake.

Sugar Stencil Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cake.  Ultra moist dark chocolate cake, raspberry frosting, and simple dark chocolate ganache make a tasty cake that's topped with a sweet powdered sugar message. Great for a birthday or Valentine's Day! | hostthetoast.com

Here’s the thing about cakes–  I lalalalove eating them, but I really hate making them.  I’m awful at frosting them, I’m awful at separating them into even layers, and no matter which methods I try, I always wind up with a dome or crater on top.  It’s frustrating.

But I wasn’t going to let it get to me this time.  Cakes don’t need layers, especially when they’re for two.  A dome or crater on top is just an excuse to pile on more frosting to even it all out.  If the frosting looks messy, just pour over some easy-to-make, super delicious ganache to cover up all of the imperfections.  Distract from anything that still looks off– if there is anything else– with powdered sugar.

The game plan was all laid out.


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5 Ingredient Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Fudge

Nothing says “love” like a sweet treat from the heart.  Especially if that treat happens to be dense, rich, creamy dark chocolate fudge blanketed in a layer of strawberry fudge with swirls of preserves.  I’m drooling.

5 Ingredient Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Fudge.  Super simple to make, and so adorable!  The perfect Valentine's Day treat. | hostthetoast.com

This Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Fudge requires only 5 ingredients and is perfect for somewhat last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts!  Speaking of which, if I’m being honest, I still have no idea what to get James.  Tell me I’m not the only one who has completely avoided planning for the holiday, please.


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