5 Buffalo Chicken Recipes for the Super Bowl!

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(Part of the Super Bowl Theme Thursday Series)

The Super Bowl is nearly here.  What are you going to make?  Probably something with buffalo chicken.  Scratch that.  Definitely something with buffalo chicken after you see this post.
5 Buffalo Chicken Recipes
Last year, for the superbowl, I made Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken, which I found somewhere on the internet.  If you use Pinterest, you probably already know the recipe.  If not, I’ll write it here.  I would love to credit someone for it, but I have no idea where it originated from.  I’ve made it so many times that I haven’t referenced an actual recipe in years for it.
Shredding Crockpot Buffalo Chicken
I haven’t had to look at a recipe because it’s so extremely easy to make.  You could be the worst cook in the world and this would turn out great.  Don’t believe me?  See below.

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
The often requested recipe for Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken that everyone in the world loves. Everyone.
Recipe type: Appetizer
  • 3 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • 1 12 oz bottle Frank's Buffalo Sauce (make sure you DON'T get "Hot Buffalo". It's far too hot for the amount of sauce we're using.)
  • 1 package Hidden Valley Dry Ranch Mix
  • ½ stick of butter
  1. Put the chicken and the buffalo sauce in the crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours.
  2. Remove the chicken from the crock pot and shred it, using two forks.
  3. Add the shredded chicken back to the crock pot, add the ranch mix and the butter, and stir until the butter is melted and ingredients are well-mixed.
  4. Serve with finger rolls and your choice of cheese.

See?  Easier than you thought.  But why stop there?  You can make some even more amazing recipes using this Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken!  I’ve made 5 so far, and have written out the recipes to share with you.  If you do plan to make the following recipes, start the Crock Pot buffalo chicken at least the night before to save time!  The buffalo chicken can be refrigerated, so you can even make it several days in advance.

Recipes Using Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken:

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins

Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers

Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread

Click the links to open the recipes in a new tab.
Do you have any creative ideas for how to use this Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken?  If so, leave a comment with your idea!

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  1. says

    Tonight I’m attempting to stuff this shredded chicken inside a croissant with some shredded cheese to make buffalo chicken empanadas. I tried the buffalo chicken bread and it was delish but difficult to stack. I’m assuming it will taste pretty much the same as that just in a different form.


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