Keep Calm and Merry On

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(Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas)

Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve—if you want to see me swoon with excitement, all you have to do is remind me that one of these days is “just around the corner”.  The tinge of responsibilities, bills, and daily worries quickly dulls as it is blanketed by the saccharine anticipation of decorations, celebrations, and copious amounts of food and drinks to come. The most wonderful time of the year for such holiday enthusiasm?  Well, it’s Christmas time, of course.



I know that some people out there are not fans of the Christmas season.  My boyfriend is one of them.  He will be the first to tell you that all things time-consuming, expensive, and overwhelming characterize this time of year.  I do get the point; but how can one not love Christmas?  I imagine Mr. Kringle softly sobbing at the notion.

While it might seem that I am being blissfully ignorant, I’m not.  I don’t believe that the Christmas lights simply sprout, tangle-free and with all bulbs lit beautifully, from the chilled suburban earth and twist themselves like elegant vines around each banister, window frame and ledge.  I don’t suppose that the perfect presents leap from shelves and land safely in our carts, as they anticipate being tucked under the tree, snugly wrapped in patterned paper, and topped with bows and tags and ribbons to wear with pride like decorated soldiers.  I certainly don’t forget that snow—though it may glisten dreamily from otherwise barren boughs—also blocks in our cars and covers our sidewalks, causing chilled toes and blisters and sore backs from shoveling.  Still, there is something about the Christmas season I always look forward to.


Here is the part where you think I will speak on behalf of the true meaning of Christmas, or perhaps about the spirit of giving.  And here is the part where I disappoint you, because that’s not why I’m writing today.  My slightly less predictable, yet undying holiday love lies within the holiday party.  Though I found out long ago that Mom and Dad had been masquerading as Santa, I still believe in the magic of mistletoe, velvet dresses, and a few cups of extra-strong punch amongst friends.  The holiday party is all about having fun, and less about obligation or stress, which makes the entire Christmas panic worth it.  That is, unless you’re throwing the holiday party yourself.



I will spare you a long story and just tell you that literally everything that could go wrong did go wrong with my holiday party production only one day before the event!  Still, in the end, everything turned out fine, and I was able to enjoy the night with my friends.  Over the next 12 days of Christmas, I will share some tips and recipes for you to throw your own holiday party, or to simply enjoy with the season, right up until the big day—December 25th.  Hopefully everything I share will not only help you enjoy your holiday, but will also help you to Keep Calm and Merry On, no matter how much you’ve got on your metaphorical cookie plate.  Look forward to finding tips for free decorations, printable labels and letter banners, appetizer recipes, cocktail recipes, music suggestions, a holiday gift guide, and more!  In the meantime, check out Kitchen Kapers to get a little extra fun holiday inspiration.


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